the Breakout Accelerator

The Breakout Accelerator concept was co-developed by the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE) and SecondMuse, a global leader in innovation, with support from the Australian Government.

It offers rural and regional innovators access to resources, infrastructure and networks to accelerate their exposure and entry into international markets. People who are selected for the Breakout Accelerator can build new connections, access know-how, and receive guidance and support to grow new business opportunities.

What’s the reason behind the Breakout Accelerator?

ACRE is a for-purpose social enterprise with a big mission – rejuvenating rural Australia. Read more about ACRE here.

The Breakout Accelerator program is a new and critical next step in delivering on the ACRE mission. It is designed to open up new and exciting markets for innovators in rural Victoria and southern NSW, with a planned future rollout and replication of the program in other rural communities.

The program is designed to bring together and nurture rural innovators who are striving to build dynamic, creative and sustainable businesses in places and communities they love.

A key point of difference is that we’re not asking rural innovators to leave home behind as they build their business.

Instead, ACRE and SecondMuse will work together to find and bring national and international networks, experience and expertise to the doorstep of rural innovators who join the Breakout Accelerator.

How the Breakout Accelerator will work?

The Breakout Accelerator program will run from November 2019 – July 2020.

The program includes workshops with expert mentors and advisers, coaching to encourage problem-solving and business planning sessions.

Ten innovators drawn from rural Victoria and southern NSW will be selected to participate in a sequence of in-person events, online workshops, mentoring and market access opportunities, based out of a new coworking space located in the Old Beechworth Goal.

Key Stages

Ten innovators will undertake a week long intensive called the Breakout Forum in November 2019 at The Old Beechworth Gaol, located in regional Victoria. During the Forum innovators will receive support to identify specific needs and barriers to growth, and coaching support to hone a business pitch. Each innovator will pitch their business idea to a customised network of investors, coaches and subject matter experts who will offer feedback, identify new market opportunities and help innovators scale to the next stage.

This intensive will be followed by a tailored, six-month program to help each innovator tackle their business challenges and connect with growth opportunities via a domestic and international network.

In mid 2020 two innovators will be selected to join an international outward-bound experience to further accelerate their connections, access and test international markets.

All ten innovators will be offered ongoing access to a Breakout Accelerator co-working space.

No lock in equity share or contractual requirements.

Interested in applying?

The 2019/2020 Breakout Accelerator invites applications from people living in rural Victoria and southern NSW who are starting up, growing or diversifying a business.

Online applications are open from 16 August – 27 September 2019


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