Violaine Des Rosiers

Co-Executive Director – Social Innovation House

Passionate about human beings, cultural norms, the power interactions in complex and highly political environments, the people’s behaviour within organizations and systems, Violaine is interested in understanding human factors that influences the performance of an ecosystem and its parts.

In 2013, after 15 years of leading human rights and humanitarian relief/recovery programs in countries affected by conflict and natural disasters, Violaine joins one of Canada’s largest private family foundations as CEO, proposing an innovative strategy to transform the funding and partnership approaches, thus amplifying the foundation’s impact in areas like human trafficking, refugees and newcomers, employment, health and education, social entrepreneurs leadership, and community resiliency building.

She is now the Co-CEO of the Social Innovation House (MIS). A new organization that was founded by Canadian philanthropists, whose mission is to support communities, businesses, governments, social entrepreneurs and citizens in the sustainable implementation of innovative social and environmental solutions to address urban and rural development issues – using research, incubation, social labs and design-based methodologies to do so.


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