Paul Steele

Co-Founder and Director at Benefit Capital

A strategic leader and innovator, Paul specialises in creating organisations and business that are great places to work, make a positive contribution to the world, are sustainable and robust, and deliver value to all stakeholders

He enjoys complex challenges and brings creativity and flexibility with a disciplined approach to producing solutions. However, his success and reputation in the marketplace has been drawn from his ability to address the human factors that are the root cause in many organisational issues. Paul believes in leadership that is not about how aggressive, decisive, and visionary you are; but, is about how you bring these qualities out in others.

As a Senior Executive, Paul specialises in facilitating the development of entrepreneurial teams. Simultaneously he creates a culture that explores ways to do business that are aligned with the social, environmental and commercial realities of the 21st century. His leadership approach intentionally embraces chaos theory, encourages systems thinking and blends emotional intelligence. This characterises Paul’s ability to facilitate high performance teams.


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