Melina Chan

Coaching and Development Manager – SecondMuse

Melina is the Coaching and Development Manager for the SecondMuse team in the Asia-Pacific, where she is responsible for promoting and championing organisational learning, supporting processes for feedback and personal reflection, and facilitating the team’s professional development.

As a global citizen, social entrepreneur and community organiser, Melina has a passion for facilitating groups and individuals to do great things. Over the past 15 years Melina’s work has included cross-sector collaboration to address housing affordability with the Salvation Army and World Vision Australia, deployment in Battambang, Cambodia as an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development (AYAD), and the co-founding of the initiative Kinyei International, which supports a vocational training espresso cafe, Kinyei Cafe, and cultural heritage bicycle tour company, Soksabike Tours.

Back in Melbourne, Australia, for several years, Melina served as General Manager for the startup coworking space Inspire9, and currently advises a number of impact-led startups and not-for-profit organisations.


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