Joe Barber

Commercialisation Adviser – AusIndustry

Joe has spent over 25 years as a start up founder, technology evangelist, writer, board member & mentor. His technical background and 25+ years of business development & innovation experience has him well regarded as a knowledgeable “geek” and astute businessman. Joe has also held numerous board and advisory roles including CEO of an ASX listed company. Joe’s general business, legal & financial acumen is only surpassed by his broad technical skills & enterprise development experience.

Joe’s current activities as a Commercialisation Adviser with AusIndustry allows him to see some exciting and innovative ideas from the brightest up and coming entrepreneurs. Alongside his active participation in the innovation ecosystem, Joe is also embedding himself in the wild world of crypto trading, ICO compliance, VR/AR & AI/ML.

For Joe, ‘giving back’ is important with time invested in charitable work including as a former Board member of Variety Charity & mentoring many emerging entrepreneurs. His current activities include mentoring, advising, NED roles, pitch judge, educator, public speaking, strategy planning, investing & writing a book. [Melbourne Accelerator Program, SCALE Investors, Style Revolution, Monash MBA (Entrepreneurship stream), Auspost Innovation Accelerator, Pivot Summit, Reech.TV, FLOQ Global, Tauro Capital/Crypto, The Actuator & Medtechs Got Talent]


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