Jodie Goldsworthy

Director and Beekeeper, Beechworth Honey

Jodie Goldsworthy represents the fourth generation of her family’s tradition of beekeeping. Because of this unique background she and her husband Steven commenced in their own right in 1992 with their first production of bulk honey. A year later they redeveloped the Beechworth Honey brand to market their product to a wider audience. Now, more than twenty years later, the brand is considered one of the ‘majors’ in the Australian market and Beechworth Honey is Australia’s largest independently owned specialist honey business.

Jodie adores honey and its versatility in food. She released her first book in 2009 called Cooking, Tasting, Living Honey, as a snapshot into a tradition of living, breathing, eating and sleeping honey. In 2017 she was a contributing Author to the international book No Bees, No Food which brings together 66 global leaders of the beekeeping fraternity to provide insights into the importance of bees and beekeeping globally.

Jodie joined the Australian Food and Grocery Council as a Board Member in 2018.


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