Birgit Schonafinger

Director at Fishbowl PR

Birgit Schonafinger is a skilled communicator, advocate and community-builder.

In 2010 she founded Fishbowl PR to help organisations build positive relationships and realise their business objectives through improved communication. The business is built on Birgit’s commitment to good relationships as the basis for business and community prosperity. Fishbowl PR’s services include researching and developing communication strategies; media advice, media release writing and media training; managing issues and social impact measurement.

In 2018 Birgit was appointed to the Victorian Government’s Small Business Ministerial Council. The Council provides a voice for small business on a broad range of issues affecting small businesses in Victoria, and is a sounding board for government policy and programs relating to the small business sector.

Birgit also contributes to many community, not-for-profit and start-up projects in a pro bono capacity.


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