Allan Soutaris

Head of Technical Innovation – SecondMuse

Allan is the head of Technical Innovation for SecondMuse where he is responsible for the development of digital projects, with conscience, throughout Asia-Pacific. With over 10 years experience in technical, management and strategic roles globally, Allan is driven to develop cutting-edge, engaging experiences that connect with audiences and deliver impact to communities.

Inspired by his experiences in South-East Asia, Allan’s core belief is that the affordances of immersive and interactive technology can inspire positive outcomes and have impact across some of the most complex challenges facing the world.

His work at SecondMuse includes the implementation of immersive, digital based health education programs in Fiji and Tonga in partnership with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Prior to joining SecondMuse, Allan helped deliver large-scale projects in the private and public sectors, including the acclaimed ‘Children Are Not Tourist Attractions’ in Cambodia with global non-profit Friends-International and ‘Free to Be’ – an interactive safety map for young women in his native city of Melbourne.


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