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Are you a business leader, industry expert or connector who wants to play a part in rejuvenating rural Australia?

The Breakout Accelerator is bringing together a national and global network to support rural innovators to connect the dots between opportunity and system impact.

We’re inviting critical and disruptive thinkers, technical experts, mentors and ‘door-openers’ to join a network that will play a critical role in guiding and supporting innovators selected to join the Breakout Accelerator.

What’s the Network about?

Experience shows that networks bring energy and expertise to innovators.

Over the last decade, SecondMuse has developed a global network of leading individuals and organisations who, together, represent leadership in a variety of sectors. This network has played a critical role in activating innovation in communities from the United States to south-east Asia. Read more about the work of SecondMuse here.

The Breakout Accelerator team will work with each innovator to identify their specific needs and barriers to growth, and then connect the innovator to a customised global network that is well positioned to address these needs.

The network will grow and adapt as the needs of selected innovators become clearer. We will call upon network members to support the Breakout Accelerator in sourcing, selecting and scaling participating businesses.

At each point in the program, members of the network will provide critical technical expertise for both the program and the entrepreneurs, as well as linkages to the domestic and international markets

Like to know more

Please get in touch if you’d like to contribute to the Breakout Accelerator network by sharing expertise, contacts and opening doors for emerging rural innovators.

Interested in becoming a part of our network? Please get in touch.


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