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Shingleback Off Road

Beechworth, VIC

Shingleback Off Road is at a critical stage of growth and our area of need is the connection to experts who can help us build structures and strategy that will prepare us for scaling to our full potential, and help us to navigate our way forward.

We have so much potential to achieve big things and to drive our ideas forward and we want to stay right here in the community we love. Being selected to participate in the Breakout Accelerator program is a once in a lifetime opportunity and would bring us closer to reaching our potential right here in Beechworth.

– Andrew & Kimberley Taylor

Shingleback Off Road

A hassle-free, mutli-purpose vertical bike rack designed and developed in North East Victoria is helping to bridge the gap between time poor families and the great outdoors, and encouraging more people to explore mountain biking – a rapidly growing tourism activity.

Shingleback Off Road designs mountain bike racks, storage accessories, custom built shuttle trailers and long-range fuel tanks for 4WD vehicles. The features of the Australian Shingleback lizard are the philosophy behind all product designs – tough, practical, and built to survive in the harshest of environments.


Travelling to ride new trails can be one of the best things about mountain biking. While the buzz of riding local trails with speed and accuracy on dialled lines cannot be ignored – discovering new trails and meeting other riders is a huge part of mountain biking.

But getting beloved bicycles to the trails safe and sound can be tricky – especially if there’s more than one or two people in the car.

Typical challenges include: finding a rack that can fit the number of bikes being transported; bikes being damaged by the rack; bikes not being held securely; the complexity of straps and plastic clips that secure the bikes to the rack; and the biggest challenge for many, the time it takes to get bikes on the rack. These challenges are the source of frustration for many, and often a barrier to riding.


Co-founded by Andrew and Kimberley Taylor, the product inspiration for Shingleback designs initially came from family camping adventures and a need for products that were practical, well-engineered, easy to use, reliable and have a dual purpose.

The craftsman behind the designs, Andrew Taylor, is a qualified boilermaker and welder with extensive experience in design and fabrication.

In response to growing requests for a new way of transporting mountain bikes, Shingleback designed a high quality, high functioning vertical bike rack that makes getting out there to enjoy the ride a reality for the everyday person.

100% Australian designed and made, the Shingleback Rack is pure quality with simplicity mastered. What sets it apart from the rest is the super fast, zero hassle load/unload times. The system also converts to a home bike storage solution. While other racks take up more storage space when not in use, the Shingleback Rack actually saves space.


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