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Prick ‘n’ a Pint

Beechworth, VIC

Prick ‘n A Pint provides men with the knowledge and the occasional nudge to take the preventative health actions needed for living longer, healthier and happier lives.

Turns out it simply takes a blood test (The Prick) and a few visits to the pub (The Pint) to build a better understanding of your health. Between the beer and the banter you’ll become a man of action and avoid preventable death and disease.

– Guy Wilkinson

Prick ‘n A Pint

Prick ‘n A Pint (P+P) is a men’s health program that is conducted in a familiar, non-clinical environment – the pub! Through simple collection of a baseline blood test, it aims to improve the general health awareness and preventative actions of men, to reduce preventable disease and death.


50% of male death is preventable and rural men, particularly, suffer disproportionately from mental health and suicide rates. This is principally due to poor social and systemic relationships.

Men aged 30+ are less likely to have regular contact with GPs and are more likely to enter the health system for acute treatment rather than health management. Research supports that men are socially, psychologically and physiologically conditioned to avoid situations that demonstrate vulnerability and fear. “She’ll be right” has become the prevailing antidote.


The program is designed to address the single most inhibitive factor to men’s health: ‘control’.

It is offered in a familiar, non-clinical environment, with trusted people (mates) and trusted information (delivered by a GP, aligned to the Royal Australian College of General Practioners red book).

Men who attend P +P receive relatable and actionable information baselined against a personal blood test, backed up by non-judgemental information that is delivered consistently (“what good looks like, what bad looks like and what you can do to prevent decline”) . This approach allows men to take control of their health and be there for their mates.

A series of themed, monthly meetings, offered over ten months develops a rhythm and frequency that encourages socialising, learning and action that builds into ongoing behaviour shifts and improved dialogue and long term preventative health management.

The program has been piloted and tested over four years, both regionally and in metropolitan environments, across a range of male social, professional and age demographics with resounding results in terms of action and engagement.

Melbourne University conducted an ethics committee research study of the program and validated the need for preventative men’s health programs and went as far as to describe P+P as “something kind of magical” in its unique capacity to engage the most elusive cohort (men 30+) in meaningful and impactful medical conversations.


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