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Pointer Remote Roles

The Rock, NSW

Over a third of Australia’s population lives outside the capital cities. My future aspirations for the regions are focused on mobilising talented professionals into the workforce, namely into businesses in the regions. By connecting these two parties we can help to stimulate local economies to create jobs, keep main streets bustling and keep country schools open. And as a result, economic growth in the regions is not only good for the regions, it’s good for the entire country.

We have already demonstrated that our concept works, that there is an appetite for it and that communities need it. We are ready to grow!

– Jo Palmer

Pointer Remote Roles

Pointer Remote Roles (Pointer) is an online job matching platform that connects businesses with talented professionals, to fill positions within their organisation that can be worked remotely, from anywhere in Australia, be it from home or a co-working space.

Pointer’s Founder, Jo Palmer, runs the company from her farm in southern NSW and has a fully distributed team across three states.


Rural communities are amazing places to live, but access to meaningful and stimulating employment, in an area or industry that you are qualified, skilled and experienced in can be extremely challenging. For business owners, accessing the skills and talent that they need to fill positions within their organisation that will allow them to grow is a major challenge.

When businesses can’t find skills, they close. When people can’t find the goods or services they want to purchase or use in their town, they leave. So, without access to work or skills, towns experience population decline, which can lead to schools closing, poor mental health outcomes and a loss of community.


Businesses in rural Australia often find their biggest barrier to growth is access to skilled employees. At the same time, there is an abundance of professionals living in rural Australia who possess qualification, skills and experience, but much of this talent is sitting idle or underutilised. Pointer connects these two parts of the rural community so that both can grow.

Pointer offers a virtual matching platform that allows businesses to advertise jobs to the registered and vetted professional candidate pool. The platform aims to provide access to meaningful work for professionals in regional, rural and remote Australia.


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