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Manufacturing Mate

Albury, NSW

We want to show the world that Software as a service (SaaS) products that can change industries can be developed in rural communities!

The Manufacturing Mate platform enables companies to focus on jobs, not quotes. It also analyses waste and provides the tools to turn the scrap back into parts, saving the planet from waste.

After we are a SaaS unicorn, we want to invest in the local community and establish hacker spaces for the next generation to learn how to build amazing stuff in rural areas too.

– Sidney Duncan-Steele

Manufacturing Mate

Manufacturing Mate brings steel manufacturing ideas to life.

The business uses cloud-based technology to connect people with manufacturing ideas to people that can use computer-aided design to people with manufacturing machines.


Manufacturing Mate identified a number of barriers in the process of manufacturing steel products and a need for end to end work distribution.

Key challenges for designers and manufacturers include; an inability to program structural steel cutting machines automatically from 3D CAD and time-consuming tasks that slow down production, especially data entry, manual checking of drawings  and contact with multiple suppliers.


A new platform developed by Manufacturing Mate allows businesses to manage all elements of manufacturing work in one place, effectively analysing and distributing work to save time and encourage innovation.

The business firstly developed a universal 3D CAD translator to machine code for any structural steel cutting machine. It then then devised a web-based translator that adds value to the manufacturing supply chain.

The web platform automatically strips data from any existing manufacturing files for import into the intelligent manufacturing platform. This process helps designers by automating design tasks in the cloud, and also manufacturers by automating manufacturing machine programming and quoting tasks in the cloud.


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