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Stawell, VIC

We plans to offer courses, events and workshops in technology for Indigenous and CALD community members right across Australia and the Pacific Islands, using this approach as a vessel for cultures to share their stories to the broader community.

– David Parkin


Luggarrah hosts events in rural and regional locations which connect disadvantaged and remote secondary school students with Game Developers and Visual Effects studios.

Through hands-on exposure to technology, the business is opening up new career horizons for students and encouraging cultures to share stories with the broader community.


Education models are often too rigid for disengaged youth in remote or rural settings, resulting in isolation and a lack of motivation. In addition, many rural communities lack exposure to technology, yet gaming and app development are emerging growth industries that are not bounded by geography for delivery.


Luggarrah devises and delivers cutting edge technology events that appeal to teachers and disadvantaged youth in rural and remote communities–audiences that are traditionally underserviced.

GamEd events link the interactive digital media industry with secondary school students, school staff, academic institutes and community. Tech On Country workshops focus on educating and using various aspects of technology out on country as well as cultural protocols.

Both events expose youth and their influencers to the transferability of skills in emerging industries and highlight what programs and trends could be taught in schools to help make students industry ready.


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