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A Lasting Tale

Albury, NSW

It can be tough to find well-paying work in the creative industries in regional communities, yet there are a large amount of really cool, underemployed people living here. As A Lasting Tale grows, the business will offer new employment and freelance opportunities for journalists and sound editors, as well as elderly carers and communicators.

My vision is that A Lasting Tale will be central to starting a conversation that really matters, and that will continue to grow. We want the business to play a key role in increasing the dignity, respect and mental well-being of our over eighties in Australia as well as being a leader in the aged care advocacy and dignity movement.

– Dimity Brassil

A Lasting Tale

A Lasting Tale helps people to capture and create audio life stories of their loved elderly.

The business enables people to create audio stories simply and in one central place, while ensuring the voices of the elderly are collectively and universally heard.  A Lasting Tale creates professional audio life stories of our elderly, as well as selling do-it-yourself-guides and running workshops to build interviewing and recording skills for individuals and in aged care settings.


The Royal Commission into Aged Care revealed that basic human rights, namely individual respect, dignity and self-determination, are not being met.

There are 503,700 Australians aged over 85. Many of these people are lonely and languishing, yet full of stories to share. Their voices are unheard, their wisdom and stories locked in.

On the listener side, after someone we love dies, we quickly forget the sound of their voice. While smartphones can now record great audio, we are not using them to record personal, audio life stories.


The challenge is to scale up and capture the voices of the world’s elderly.

A Lasting Tale provides a central place to record audio life stories, provide personalised questions, empower democratic usage, and emphasise the rights of the elderly.

The founder has devised and is building a mobile application that is the central place for the creation, collection, storing and sharing of audio life stories focusing on the elderly.

By making the process of story collection easy, A Lasting Tale is helping free up time for individual families and aged care settings to focus on listening, respect and acknowledgement.


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